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About the Software

ServSales is a prospect and sales management software platform that helps you run a smoother business on so many fronts.

It helps you keep organized using its calendar with a scheduling feature, it helps you prospect in the neighborhoods you service using mapping and location services, it helps you create and manage proposals - up to the very point when it allows you to collect digital signatures for your created proposals on your mobile device.

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We Automate the Sales Process!

ServSales automates sales prospecting. You can track your leads and prospects, and in the process convert more accounts and sales. ServSales can be used on a mobile device, so you can complete a proposal, manage your leads and prospects - while out in the field! You can easily manage callbacks, customer visits, and history.

  • Sales Prospecting
  • Summer Sales Programs
  • Cloverleafing


ServSales is equipped with a scheduling feature that helps you keep organized. The Calendar allows you to schedule various tasks throughout the sales cycle including leads, callbacks, and proposals.


Mobile App for Maps, Prospecting & Proposals

In addition to using ServSales on your desktop or laptop, you can also access ServSales Mobile App in the field via Apple or Android devices. Door to Door Sales, Sales Inspectors, or even Technicians that are cloverleafing can easily add and look up prospects, use the integrated mapping feature, complete leads, estimates, and proposals with digital signatures. Our mapping feature can integrate with the location services of the device you are using it on - and it can automatically populate an address, saving time.


ServSales is integrated with ServicePro’s ServSign feature. ServSign allows you to store proposals, contracts and other documents, as well as collect digital signatures for each of them via email or on a tablet in the field. It organizes your documents by date, and keeps them safe for you for future use and helps you track those that are signed or unsigned.


About Us

ServicePro is a family-owned software company with over 20 years of experience in the pest control, lawn and arbor care industry. They are creators of ServSuite, the industry leading multi-browser, all-in-one, enterprise software solution crafted to serve the needs of these industries. Recently, ServicePro released the remote monitoring solution ServSensor - a revolutionary solution that promises to change the industry.

ServSuite is good at helping you with: Scheduling, Renewals, Invoicing, Commissions, Collections, Credit Card Processing, etc., but also brilliant for its added functionality that gives your business a new dimension: the Mobile Application, GPS Vehicle Tracking, Voice and Text Notifications, etc.

ServicePro has a well developed Support Team strategy, so that customers are covered with all the help they need 24 hours a day, 6 days a week.

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